Cara Cepat Optimasi Gambar Untuk Google

These are ways to optimize your image to end up in the first results for a particular query. The optimization of these images is not as complicated as many thinks, the factors that influence the positioning of the images are:

File name: You have a name based on how your image can be found. A name with the keywords. For example, if you have a photo of a 1970 Plastic GTO, Pods uploading the photo with the name you turn the camera stand img1968.jpg has to raise it with the name Plastic GTO 1970.jpg

Surely you have an adequate description of the photo with the ALT attribute. This feature was intended for display in browsers that the text does not bear the images (many years ago). Do not try too much text. Focus on a text with keywords that describe a good idea.

Title and text: The title gives you a better idea for Google image. Al treated as the text around the image.s

When an image using the appropriate link text link. It seems that the anchor text you use for enlarge pages.

Google Image Label-er: Use Google Image Label-er imagelabeler this will helps your pictures scratched the top of search engines so others categorize your photos. It is a pretty cool tool. Just to the Google Image Label-er Google Webmaster Console.

These tips will get you a better placement of your pictures and therefore more traffic come to your website.

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